The School Store

The School Store a multi-disciplinary activity run by the 6th grade class. The students apply a variety of skills learned from Language Arts and Math class to carry out different jobs. Any profits made during the year are dispersed in the end-of-the-year 6th Grade Philanthropy Project, a longstanding tradition at TFS. 
The School Store is open during all lunch periods throughout the week. It will be located in the hallway between the gym and dining room. The store will offer a nice selection of drinks, snacks, chips, and light lunch items like microwave mac-and-cheese and ramen! The 6th graders will periodically host special sales, like bake sales, snowcones, and hot cocoa.
Students can use cash for purchases, and we also offer School Store Accounts. To load your account, you can either:

1.    Send in a check (made payable to The Fulton School) to the Front Desk -- be sure to note the family or student (for example: For Suzie Jones OR Jones Family which would be for all Jones siblings).

2.    Set up a a School Store Account online -- click here to fill out. The amount will be billed on your next month's school statement.

When a student makes a purchase, the amount will be deducted from the amount in their account. The store associate will let the customer know when their tab is getting low.
Questions? Email Ms. Burns at [email protected]