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Singapore Math

Singapore Math is a program modeled on the way math is taught in the country of Singapore, where students have repeatedly ranked at or near the top of international math exams for decades. The program includes detailed instruction, questions, problem solving, and visual and hands-on aids like blocks, cards, and bar charts.

As personalization is at the hub of our mission at CDS, Singapore Math is an ideal methodology. We employ the primary level of Singapore Math beginning in Second Grade, which values “mental math” application over isolated skill development, adding depth to our students’ core knowledge and conceptual understanding of math.

Students are able to progress through math lessons at their own pace, according to their skills, abilities, and pace of learning. Our students do not move on to new lessons until they have thoroughly learned a topic. Conversely, as students grasp problems more quickly, they are able to move ahead at their own pace. No matter what their level of progress, ultimately all of our students develop their own solid foundation of math.