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Social Studies

CDS’s Social Studies program strives to prepare students to identify, understand, and work to solve the challenges facing our world. The skills, knowledge, and attitudes fostered by our Social Studies curriculum prepare CDS students to become active, responsible, and respectful citizens who are positive members of a global community.

Our students develop an awareness and understanding of historical and contemporary social issues through active lessons, projects, and self-reflections. They engage in research that is increasingly self-directed, seeking resources and relevant information to help them understand and respond to our world. Students also develop healthy self-concepts through character trait work. Through multiple avenues, the curriculum helps students to develop the ability to solve problems and make informed and thoughtful decisions.

CDS Fifth Graders Study Ancient Civilizations

Read about our Fifth Graders’ unit, “Archaeology, Ancient Civilizations, and Culture,” in which the students learned about civilization and culture through (1) RESEARCHING an ancient civilization and its cultural universals such as economics, art, and religion; (2) INVENTING a civilization, culture, and cultural universals to understand the interpretive nature of history and the importance of context; and (3) digging up and INTERPRETING another group’s civilization.