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The goal of mathematics at CDS is help our students build a foundation of mathematical understanding rooted in critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our curriculum focuses on building knowledge based on previous knowledge — enabling students to learn mathematics with depth and understanding.

Starting in the early childhood classrooms and continuing through Sixth Grade, students develop a solid foundation and strong number sense beginning with concrete materials, and then moving from pictorial to more abstract concepts. Students have rigorous, engaging mathematics instruction and are challenged with complex mathematical tasks chosen carefully by teachers. Guided by faculty instruction and support, our students progress through math lessons at their own pace, and move on to new topics only when they have thoroughly learned a concept.

Grade level goals and expectations are informed first by Montessori math’s concrete understandings and then move through the more abstract concepts found in Singapore Math. In addition, Continental Math League and Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics contest problems are used to challenge the students and expand their learning.

CDS’s Classroom Economy Curriculum

Read about social studies and math teacher Alissa White’s two-year “Classroom Economy” curriculum in Second and Third Grade. It’s a hallmark aspect of CDS’s strong math and social studies program, introducing students to a wide range of economic terms, principles, theories, and challenges and all of the math that goes with them!