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Science at CDS is based on a series of discoveries. It is an active, everyday process, something that students do — hands on/minds on—and is a very critical part of our core curriculum.

The CDS Science curriculum, which takes root in our early childhood classrooms, supports students in understanding fundamental scientific concepts and developing abilities of inquiry. Our curriculum focuses on the scientific method and covers areas including botany, physics, ecology, engineering, and chemistry. CDS students actively develop their understanding of science by combining scientific knowledge with reasoning and thinking skills. Instruction throughout our program focuses on the following:

  • investigating and analyzing science questions
  • using evidence and strategies for developing an explanation
  • communicating conclusions based on data analysis and synthesis

We believe that science strengthens many of the skills and practices that people use every day, like solving problems creatively, thinking critically, working cooperatively in teams, using technology effectively, and valuing life-long learning. A deep understanding of science makes it possible for everyone to share in the richness and excitement of comprehending the natural world.

CDS Students’ iMovie submission to the Green Schools Quest

CDS Fifth Graders designed and built a greenhouse, using repurposed 2-liter bottles, to grow native Missouri plants. They sold some of the plants at a local farmer’s market with the goal of increasing the number of native plants in our community to provide an improved habitat for pollinators. They will also use some of the plants to create a pollinator garden on our campus, which will enable scientific data collection studies for years to come. The students created the iMovie above as part of the project’s submission in the Green Schools Quest.