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Senior Project

srprojDuring the last quarter of senior year, students have the option to pursue a project that assists the community, follows a personal passion, or involves some depth of study in a curricular area. This is our Senior Project program, which acts an internship for our 12th graders who are venturing closer to adulthood, college, and careers.

The school expects seniors to use this opportunity to demonstrate, in some field that is meaningful to them, that they have learned both how to learn and how to do.

Here are some recent Senior Projects our students have done:

  • Student wanted to study Physical Therapy in college and shadowed as a PT.
  • Student wanted to own her own business and worked with an entrepreneur TFS parent who owns her own soap making business. 
  • Student wanted to explore the world of marketing and photography; she shadowed in the marketing department of several local businesses and did photography work for Shaw Nature Reserve.
  • Student wanted to learn more about the music recording business and spent time in a St. Louis studio learning about the equipment and processes. He used the rest of his project time recording his own music.
Following completion of the Senior Project and as a prelude to graduation, seniors make a presentation demonstrating or summarizing their work to the gathered school community.

Have questions about Senior Project at Fulton School? Email Mrs. Douglass at [email protected].