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Who is Dr. Barb?

Dr Barb FultonIn 2022, the Board of Trustees chose to name the new entity after its beloved founder, Dr. Barbara Fulton.  "Dr. Barb" was a passionate educator, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend to all. She passed away in 2005 after 30 years of service to Chesterfield Day School and the St. Louis educational community.

The school continues to embody her philosophy of education, blending the Montessori tenets of hands-on, purposeful simplicity, with Dr. Barb's strong emphasis on joy, character, and transparency. Thanks to Dr. Barb, we have become a small, diverse community of people who love to learn, who ask questions, and who are figuring out how to live their lives intentionally.

Dr. Barb always said a "school should be more like a forest than an orchard. An orchard's trees are all the same and produce the same fruit, standing straight and planned all in a row; but a forest is alive with different types of trees, colors, and fruit -- they have different needs and grow in different ways."