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Our Makerspace Lab

makerspaceOur state-of-the-art Makerspace gives students the opportunity to blend their interests with high- and low-tech tools. This is a lab for thinkers, doers, and creators where students are encouraged to ask questions, make connections, solve problems, flex their creative muscles, make mistakes, and develop new literacies.

Makerspace is the perfect complement to our classrooms and serves as a place where we can see, hear, and feel our school’s vision come to life. It expands the breadth and depth of our program in ways no other offering can.

In 2019, we received a $56,000 grant from ITEF (Innovation Technology Education Foundation). ITEF is a St. Louis-based, charitable, private, nonprofit foundation that strives to advance the innovative and creative use of technology to promote excellence in K-12 education with a keen interest in schools and students with minimal access to the tools and strategies that spark innovation. This grant allowed us to expand our offerings for students. Currently, they can become familiar with and learn how to use:

    • 3D printers
    • 3D scanner
    • Laser cutter
    • CNC machine
    • Embroidery/sewing machine
    • Vinyl cutter
    • Heat press
    • Dye sublimation printer with cup and flat-heat presses
    • Electronics tools, including a soldering station
    • Multiple servers and numerous microcontrollers (for software development, robotics, and physical computing)
    • Tufting machines
    • Acrylic bender
    • Inkjet and laser printers
    • Epoxy molds and materials
    • Power tools such as sanders, planers, drills, and saws
    • Traditional hand tools (hammers, files, screwdrivers, spoon and bowl carving set, and more!
All of these tools and machinery come together to help teach the students mathematics, computer programming, geometry, design, physics, and the value of persistence.

We consider our Makerspace not just a perk but a necessity. Research shows that young adults, as they attempt to gain entrance to our most prestigious universities and apply for jobs, need to demonstrate 21st century skills learned in environments like The Fulton School Makerspace.