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Our Mission

Imagine a school where children see all their teachers as allies.

Imagine a school where children have the same teachers for consecutive years so they truly get to know one another.

Imagine a school where the teachers know each child’s writing style so well they can spot it as soon as they read it.

Imagine a school where assignments are tailored to the personalities and passions of the group so that necessary skills can be developed in a context where the students *like* the work (even teenagers!).

Imagine a school where the students follow the vast majority of rules because the rules make sense to them because they’ve had a say in creating them.

All of this is possible in an independent, mission-centered school. Our mission is an active, relevant compass for our teachers, administration, and board of trustees. It is the reason behind the tremendous experience each child experiences within our program.

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To provide an academically challenging and supportive environment where students gain the knowledge and skills needed to become globally minded citizens with a passion for life and learning. 


We believe the Montessori philosophy provides the best opportunity to build confidence, character, and leadership in students.

We dedicate ourselves to building a joyful, innovative, educational community that develops communication skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity in every child through relevant, hands-on, student-centered teaching.  

We create a partnership between parents, teachers, and students, knowing that parental involvement is key to the success of the students and the school.

We respect, honor, and celebrate a diversity of cultures, learning styles, talents, and personal goals.  


To rethink education, making the Fulton School an extension of your home, cultivating your children's capabilities and character to best equip them for the future.