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Why TFS?

Imagine a school where students love to learn because their work is engaging and meaningful. Montessori pedagogy is student-centered, following the child’s natural development and leveraging their natural strengths and interests, so kids LOVE school.

Imagine a school where students have the time and space to be themselves, the freedom to find themselves through trial and error, the safety to experience successes and disappointments, and the opportunities to articulate and define their character. So kids grow up well.

Imagine a school where students see all their teachers as allies; where the teachers know each child’s writing style so well they can spot it when they read it; and where assignments are tailored to the personalities and passions of the group. Students thrive academically when they feel known by their instructors. 

Imagine a school that feels like a second home to students, where the atmosphere is safe and easy; students are trusted and respected; faculty aren’t so overwhelmed that their calling becomes their burden; daily work isn’t dictated by politicians in offices far away; and the whole community knows each other and shares similar educational values. 

All of this is possible at The Fulton School, where we teach the whole child. We help students develop into the adults they were meant to be, so they can move on to meaningful roles in higher education, in the career world, and in communities all over the globe.

We encourage you to explore The Fulton School today.