Upper School » Academics


Our Upper School academics follow a typical college-preparatory curriculum in form, however within each course the unique Fulton School identity pervades.  

Assessment is creative and offers a wide variety of methods for each child to process the information and express what they have learned without rote busy work or simple regurgitation.  Critical thinking skills, writing and oral communication skills, and learning what we might do with what we learn are our highest priorities.  Preparing your child for college -- and for life -- are our end goals.  

We are small and nimble, so the faculty has the freedom to work with the personality that each class develops, the passions they discover, and projects they undertake.  Our morale is healthy, and everyone benefits from the life, the humor, the energy, and the mutual respect in the building. Our students respond to these meaningful goals and nurturing environment with engagement, care, and hard work.

While we focus on 21st century skills, we offer a traditional menu of math, science, history, English, and Spanish. Core courses are supplemented by opportunities in music, visual arts, and computer programming.  There are leadership opportunities for students through traditional clubs like Student Council and less traditional activities like Outdoor Club. Creators find a home Writing Club, High School Band, and Makerspace. We invite you to explore some of our Upper School courses. Choose from the menu at the right.