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International Program: Tuition & Application

2023-24 International Program Tuition and Deposit Costs:
  • First Year Tuition with boarding: $43,615 (includes a deposit of $6,550 at the time of enrollment)
  • First Year Tuition without boarding: $34,615 (includes a deposit of $5,200)
  • Years 2-6 Tuition with boarding: $38,625(includes a deposit of $5,800)
  • Years 2-6 Tuition without boarding: $29,625 (includes deposit of $4,450)
There is a one-time service fee for the first year that a student enrolls at Fulton School. The cost of the international program includes field trips, activities, ESL services, college preparation and personalized support/counseling from our International Program Director. The cost does not include books, school supplies, or traveling on optional international/domestic school trips.
Admissions Process
Click here to fill out our online application.  Please complete the application in English. Written recommendations are required from the student’s math, English, and principal/counselor. Forms for these recommendations are found on the online application. Transcripts (grades) from the last two years are required.

A non-refundable application fee of $75 USD is required for processing your online application.
If you have questions regarding your application, please contact the Fulton School at 314-469-6622 or email [email protected]

Confirmation of Admission
Once all of the application materials have been received, a Zoom interview will be scheduled with the student, the Fulton School Director of Enrollment, and the Fulton School International Program Director.
Your admission to Fulton School will be confirmed when you receive an official letter of admission from the Head of School/Admissions Department.
We will send (and email) the student’s I-20 to his/her residence once we have received the signed Enrollment Agreement and tuition deposit in our school office.
Once the I-20 is issued, we require our international students to pay the full tuition by June 15.
If the I-20 is denied for any reason, the tuition deposit is completely refunded.

The student is responsible for obtaining his/her U.S. visa with the I-20 that he/she received from The Fulton School.
After Your Arrival
HEALTH INSURANCE: All international students are required to obtain a U.S.-based health insurance policy. No national health insurance or private health insurance based outside of the U.S. will qualify.
Students are required to provide proof of health insurance and have certain vaccinations, according to Missouri state law, prior to the start of school. Please contact The Fulton School directly for more information.
IMMIGRATION DOCUMENTS: If you are physically in the United States when you apply for admission to Fulton School you must comply with this requirement. Physically in the United States means that you are visiting or you are transferring to The Fulton School from another U.S. high school. You must submit the following documents: A copy of the U.S. visa page, and official transcript(s) from all U.S. schools attended (transfer students only).
Have questions about our International Boarding Program? Email our Director of Enrollment, Stephanie Coulter, at [email protected] or call 314-469-6622.