From Closet to Creative Space

One of our biggest projects this summer is transitioning the Makerspace from the St. Albans campus to its new home here at White Road. We are remodeling a large storage closet just off of the Dining Room. The space (shown here) needs paint, electric, and new lighting before the machinery and project space will be installed. Come August, our Upper School students will be able to make, create, produce, and imagine.
This space will be home to a laser cutter, 3D printers, a CNC machine, an embroidery machine, a vinyl cutter, a heat press, not to mention a selection of sanders, planers, drills, and saws, plus every traditional hand tool you could imagine (hammers, files, screwdrivers, etc.). All of this machinery and these tools come together to help teach them mathematics, computer programming, geometry, design, physics, and the value of persistence. We cannot wait!