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Interims occur as two- to five- day sessions of theme-based learning scheduled between the regular blocks of courses.  The Interim Program is a unique curricular element of the Upper School that focuses on the development of fundamental characteristics of education embraced by our school's Mission and Philosophy. 

These characteristics or themes include:






Global Citizenship

In addition, each interim includes specific attention to practical life skills, health and wellness, student choice, and the fostering of independence.

Interims involve field trips, special guests, community service, individual and group projects, and other activities integrated with regular coursework. 

Finally, parents and other community members serve as invaluable volunteers, collaborators, and resources for the Interim Program and are greatly appreciated for their participation and support of these alternative learning experiences.


Are you a current parent interested in hosting an interim group this year? Email our Assistant Head of School, Diane Loyd, at [email protected].