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Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching methodology that enables students to gain, grow, and retain knowledge. Through PBL, students hone fundamental (e.g. reading comprehension) and executive skills (e.g. collaboration) by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to complex questions, problems, or challenges. Students in Grades Two – Six then have an opportunity to present the unique “product” of their inquiry process to an authentic and meaningful audience. They also have ample opportunity to reflect on their project and focus on ways they can improve during the next project, bringing the project based learning process full-circle.

PBL hails from a long tradition of proven pedagogy which asserts that students learn best — and more effectively retain that knowledge — by experiencing and solving real-world problems. Research proves that PBL helps students mature not only as learners but as citizens of the world. Studies show that students who engage in PBL …

  • become lifelong and more self-directed learners
  • become critical thinkers
  • engage in a growth mindset as they refine their work and learn leadership skills
  • become more prepared for life beyond school as they take part in adult-like thinking and behaviors, like collaboration
  • add value to the world and community
  • become more confident and more effective communicators
  • enjoy school