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21st Century Skills

It is commonly believed that our children will need a different set of skills in the 21st century than schools have traditionally taught. They need the five C's -- creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and character. The Montessori method may be more than 100 years old, but philosophically it aligns beautifully with 21st century skills. 
The skills do not belong to one field or one teacher, but must be habits of mind that students develops in every area they study. We have entered an age where merely knowing information is not enough to bring value to the workforce or your community. What you can do with what you know is the key.
It is much more difficult to develop these skills than it is to memorize a formula. And fully developing these skills cannot be done through straight lecture classes or multiple-choice tests. Our faculty serve as role models for these skills, and they create opportunities in class -- and in the hallways -- through assignments and assessment for students to practice these skills daily.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) has garnered a lot of interest in the past few years as we look to developing a generation proficient enough in these fields to continue to propel our culture. Interest in STEM fields has been dropping at the college and graduate levels, creating vulnerability for our nation and a very competitive job market for young adults entering the field.
At Fulton School we seek to create a vibrant and engaging variety of STEM opportunities. Through core classes, electives, and clubs, as well as just playing around in our Makerspace, students are encouraged to explore and take risks in these STEM areas with teachers who encourage, play, and set examples with their own deep expertise in these fields.