Student Forms

We have a selection of forms for parents to complete at the start of the school year. Please browse this section for forms that pertain to your child.
  • Every family needs to fill out this all-school permission form. It's quick and easy -- takes less than 5 minutes.

  • Does your child need a physical?  
    All kindergartners and all *new* students (toddler-12th) need physicals on file by the first day of school (August 24). Click here for the toddler-8th grade. For the 9th-12th grade, click here.

  • Does your child have a severe allergy?  
    If so, please print and have your physician fill out the Severe Allergy Form.

  • Does your child need to be given prescription medicine at school?  
    If so, please fill out the Medication Authorization Form.

  • Will your high schooler be driving to school?  
    If so, please complete the Driving Permission Form.

  • Do you have an 11th/12th grader that will want to leave campus during lunch/free period?  
    If so, please fill out the Leave Campus Form.

If you have questions about any of these forms, please contact our Office Administrator, Mr. Waide, at 314-469-6622 or email [email protected].