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In 2013 as part of the new Farm Program, we laid the foundation for an apiary with two bee hives. We lost one of our hives during the first (very cold) winter. But the hives rebounded quickly and we were able to split the hives. The program is flourishing, and the students enjoy helping with all aspect of the beekeeping program.

The first year we harvested just two quarts of honey. Our production has increased since then :)

How does it all happen? The Fulton School's resident beekeeper, Mrs. Valerie Mertz, retrieves the full frames from the hives. Next, the students uncap the wax-sealed honeycomb using a knife. Older and younger students have the opportunity to help with this; and everyone gets to taste the fresh honey and chew on the wax. To extract the honey, the frames are placed in a hand-crank honey extractor that spins the frames, forcing the honey to the walls of the drum where it then drips to the bottom. And VOILA... after all the spinning is done, there's a spigot for releasing the honey.

During the years when we have a plentiful harvest, we offer the honey for sale to our TFS parents. The proceeds go back into the Farm Program.