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Fund-a-Need 2024

This year our Trivia Night Fund-a-Need will support our school-wide Field Trip Program by funding a van!  
FundavanField Trips are vital to our curriculum. We believe deeply that children thrive when they experience what they’re learning. Experiences create profound, memorable, and transformative change. Most learning experiences happen within the classroom, but the opportunity to get out of the classroom allows us to help students grow into the world around them. 
As the students grow, the field trips grow -- evolving from museums, zoos, and performances into community service and travel outside of the St. Louis area. Field trips push kids out of their comfort zones and develop relationships. They bring textbook topics to life, but they also help the students meet new people, build confidence, learn how to behave in a variety of environments, and develop perspective and empathy as they engage outside of their normal lives. They teach BIG lessons and craft character.
Did you know that in the last two years alone here at TFS, we have taken our student body to more than 55 DIFFERENT field trip destinations?!

We are able to use our current Ford Transit Van for most of these field trips... and more. We also use it for most varsity "away" sporting competitions (which have taken us from Illinois all the way down to the boot heel of Missouri), as well as a smattering of elementary-level interscholastic after-school games. 
But one van just isn’t cutting it. Sometimes all of our field trippers won’t fit in our 15-passenger van, so we need parent drivers. And other times, there are two field trips for two different age levels planned for the same day. Having access to a second van will:
  • Allow our larger groups of students (like the entire Lower or Upper Elementary class) to travel on our field trips all together (caravanning in two vans).  
  • Open up opportunities for more trips during our Upper School interims – the multi-day out-of-the-textbook weeks where our teenagers go out and about to explore/learn.
  • Pave the way for more field trips for all ages because more transportation allows teachers to plan these trips with ease.  

Our goal for this year’s Fund-a-Need is a steep $35,000, so it is going to take the whole community coming together and pooling our resources to fund more transportation for our Field Trip Program.